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Poseidoneia No. 33

Provincial Grand Lodge                                                   

of Pireaus & the Aegean Islands               

" Poseidoneia  No. 33"                                        


Research Lodge "POSSEIDONIA, No. 33" under of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Piraeus was revived on October 15th 1988 following a petition of 22 Master Masons of two founding lodges of the NGL Greece (21 from Lodge "MIAOULIS, No. 4" and 1 from Lodge "IONIA, No. 7).


The Lodge operates in the 3rd degree.


During the years of its activity the Lodge has elabo­ rated on various topics searching for initiatory mes­ sages which are relative to the history and evolution of Masonic rituals.

During  the June 2002 meeting, the Lodge decided to commence a new period of research in the works of Ancient Greek Tragedians AESCHYLUS, SOPHOCLES and EURIPIDES. In each meeting a separate Tragedy is presented and discussed aiming to find and discussini­ tiatory messages. 



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