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Parthenon Lodge No. 3 was originally founded as Parthenon Lodge No. 112 in Athens, Greece, by the issue of Grand Lodge of Greece Warrant No. 141 dated 7th February, 1952.
All business of the Lodge was and still is conducted in the English language. Its founding members were mainly British and American expatriates employed in Greece in shipping and associated industries mainly.

In May 1986, Parthenon Lodge No. 112, along with 6 other lodges, terminated all contact with the Grand Lodge of Greece and these 7 lodges founded and affiliated themselves to the National Grand Lodge of Greece, Parthenon Lodge No. 112 being renumbered Parthenon Lodge No. 3. Due to its substantial number of members, soon it became the Mother Lodge of other lodges under the auspices of N.G.L.ο.G.

Parthenon No. 3 operates fully in the English language in the Craft. The Lodge meets on the first Wednesday of every month during the months of October to June inclusive at the Masonic Building of the Provincional Grand Lodge of Piraeus, 12 Katholikis Ekklisias street. The Emulation Ritual is used for all degree work, the Lodge being close tyled at 20:30 hours.



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