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National Grand Lodge of Greece






  Welcome to the National Grand Lodge of Greece


The National Grand Lodge of Greece is an organization which, with due respect to masonic tradition, aims to forward individual moral betterment, trying at the same time to satisfy the continuous need for spiritual exploration.


The moral principles, conveyed in the Masonic Lodges through allegoric ceremonies, rituals and symbols, should be practiced not only during the meetings but throughout the personal progress of each Mason within the Fraternity.


In our meetings papers are delivered on esoteric, moral and masonic subjects and are thoroughly discussed afterwards aiming to individual and collective spiritual advancement.


The National Grand Lodge of Greece believes that more people should be acquainted with the Masonic culture. The Internet, being a communication channel with enormous possibilities, has developed into a splendid means of bringing people closer to each other.


This site may provide useful information to brethren and become an initial contact with Masonic principles for all interested.


We wish a good surfing and you are welcome to contact us should you need any further information.







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