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Masonic Museum  

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The “PHOENIX” Masonic Museum was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the Brethren belonging to the most ancient Lodge in Greece, “PHOENIX of CORFU”, and  is housed on the 2nd floor of the Lodge’s own building in Corfu, in an area of 70 square meters.


It hosts Masonic memorabilia of the Lodge “PHOENIX of CORFU”, founded in 1818, as well as of older Lodges (of foreign jurisdictions) operating in Corfu between the end of 18th and beginning of 19th century.


Its rich collection comprises of representative memorabilia from the Lodges “Pythagoras”, “San Napoleon”, “La Paix”, “Beneficenza”, “United Beneficenza & Filogenia”, “Progress”, “Lefkas Union”, etc., such as old swords, porcelain chinaware, aprons and badges, certificates and numerous reminders of “PHOENIX of CORFU” course from 1818 until today.


One exhibit of major importance is the unique original Book of Constitutions of Most Serene Grand Orient of Greece established by D. Romas (1811), the first Grand Lodge founded in Greek country, along with his sword and a large number of historical documents (part of which is exhibited) constituting the rich historic Masonic Archives of Lodge “PHOENIX of CORFU”.







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