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Dear friends, 
I would like to welcome you to the website of the National Grand Lodge of Greece.
We believe that your presence here is due to your will to be informed on what Freemasonry is all about and how it can help people become better in the society they live in.
It is a fact that the situation in today’s society is not an ideal one. Challenging principles and values, that once signalised the evolution of human kind, is a trait of our modern society. Facing this phenomenon, the National Grand Lodge of Greece proposes a different prompt.
It is the prompt of internal quest and team work, so that a new, clear meaning is given to the principles and values that used to be the pillars of social development and progress.
The process of everyone’s internal quest gives them the pleasure of creativity. This context of team work, taking place in the National Grand Lodge of Greece, results in the synthesis and unity of expression through the spiritual contact of its members.
All the above mentioned are accomplished away from prejudice, in a state of conscious freedom and constant effort of self-progress. Less than few non-materialistic things can cause bigger damage than the one caused by prejudice. Tolerance, being the antidote of prejudice, is in fact the key to resolve most of nowadays important global issues.
If tolerance could replace prejudice, humanity could then realise- despite of race, beliefs or cultural background- that everyone is able to accomplish something useful. Tolerance could allow people’s beliefs to function without intervention. Not only could it ensure freedom of thought for third parties but also for us as well. 
As long as prejudice and ignorance continue to exist, many actions of the human race will be interpreted erroneously and freedom will be restricted. Practising freedom, a possession of humans as spiritual beings, is particularly important. It is of vital importance for an honest and fruitful internal quest and in spite of all things mentioned so far, it can be accomplished only if we become conscious defenders of a different way of action. A way depicted in a phrase of Evelyn Beatrice Hall, who wrote under the pseudonym S. G. Tallentyre the biography of Voltaire...“I disagree with what you’re saying but I would give my own life defending your right of free expression.”
I wish you an enjoyable visit of our site.
George E. Deligiorgis
Grand Master

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