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I take the opportunity to address, from this forum, both the friends and the Brethren of the National Grand Lodge of Greece who browse our website. The reason being that all of us feel the need to discuss and know better the subject served by Freemasonry. Those of us who are Freemasons already know our great values of brotherhood, mutual love and truth.

These values, as well as many others, are based on philosophical principles which in turn are founded on the human thought through the passing of the centuries.

However, it is not important to only talk about these values and principles, but to serve them consciously and systematically. Only then our participation in the Craft and the Lodge will be meaningful.

The Lodge is the physical, and at the same time, the mental place in which we work and cultivate our ideals. In the Lodge Brotherhood is forged, Altruism is practiced and the Truth is sought. As a result, we must dedicate ourselves to masonic work in the Lodge so that we enjoy the mental and spiritual goods, which Freemasonry offers to us such as self-awareness, love, tolerance and freedom of thought and conscience.

I am not going to try and describe the subject of masonic work or succumb to the temptation of giving definitions of Freemasonry. Each Lodge works independently and sets the way in which it prefers to work and shape its initiatory and spiritual work.

It is certain, however, that the Lodge is not just a philosophical think-tank, nor a social relations team, although both aspects can be seen. My personal view is that the Lodge of traditional Freemasonry the Brethren of the National Grand Lodge of Greece serve, is a unique way spiritually free men meet, who in a very original way cultivate the values mentioned above.

From there on, every brother, every member of the Lodge forms his own opinion by participating in it, according to their particular interests and overall personality. The opinions and views everybody are respected provided they are within the limits specified by the “Old Charges” and the regulations, which we ourselves have chosen, so that harmony reigns among us and which we can, democratically change during one of the four Grand Communications conducted annually.

However, the question whether the masonic work within the Lodge can satisfy today's people always arise. People who in recent decades have learned to glorify consumerism and engage in the hunting of money, regardless of their intellectual and mental cultivation and applying moral and spiritual values of questionable origin and level. This same people who during in the last four years was forced to face an incredible change of lifestyle, a dramatic reduction of employment income and was led to tragic deadlocks.

Freemasonry, in my opinion, can give an answer to these problems. Not in the sense as the place in which one can find material assistance, but as the place in which one can find the necessary tranquillity away from the worries of everyday life, and especially those moral values which can support the real welfare of society . These moral values the Freemason is called to cultivate in himself and then to apply in the society.

In conclusion, there are ideals and visions within Freemasonry, which all Brethren, and whoever else wants, are invited to embrace and serve. 

May our ideals, be the compass in drawing our masonic course.

Stelios V. Fassoulas

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